AC Nightmares from HVAC Technicians

Spooky AC Nightmares for Halloween

9 AC Nightmares You’ll Want to Read.

It’s almost time for Halloween which means spooky stories about witches and spells leading up to the night of costume parties and trick-or-treating adventures. Has your family decided what they want to be? Is the candy bowl filled? It’s just the right time of year to read some scary stories. Air Dreamy clues you into the top 9 AC nightmares and how you can avoid them happening to you and your home. After reading, give us a call.

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1 | Taking Care of a Bulging Bulkhead DIY

Customers upstate wanted to purchase a new home but wanted a new furnace and A.C. installed before they would agree to buy the property. A technician was called out to the house and found ductwork sticking out about two feet from the garage. On the opposite side of the wall, there was a 4″ bulkhead. 

Upon discovery, the owner of the house and his sons, who were well above average height, got tired of banging their heads on the ductwork in the basement that was too short for them. So, they took it upon themselves and removed the duct sections. The dad and sons put it back using around 400 self-tapping screws and over ten rolls of duct tape to seal it. In fact, they smashed it all as flat as they could possibly get it.

Remedy: If ductwork is getting in your way, please call for repair and do not start hammering on it. This could cause damage by moving things around. A professional would love to come out and assist you with any issues.

Tacking and AC repair DIY

2 | Haunted by Ghostly Gasses

This story is easily one of the scariest AC Nightmares—carbon monoxide poisoning.

**One of the most common causes for this is a cracked heat exchanger in your gas furnace. Furnace cracks allow deadly gas that is colorless, odorless, and tasteless to spread throughout your home.

Now, here is the story.

Mrs. H: “Some nights, after I’ve been in bed for a while, I’ve felt as if the bedclothes were jerked off me. And I’ve also felt as if I’d been struck on the shoulder. One night I woke up and saw, sitting on the foot of my bed, a man and a woman. The woman was young, dark, and slight and wore a large picture hat. I was paralyzed and could not move.” –This American Life.

After speaking with friends and family about their symptoms and visits from the spirit realm, a relative pointed out they may be getting poisoned. Gas that was lighting the furnace was dumping carbon monoxide into their home. Indeed, once the furnace had proper ventilation, then their ghosts mysteriously disappeared. 

Remedy: If you suddenly feel sick, confused, dizzy with no explanation, hallucinating, or have headaches, immediately call a professional and evacuate the house.

3 | The House is Coming Down

Once, a technician’s phone buzzed away at 3 AM. The voice on the other end stated that the tech had been at his place earlier that day. The evaporator coil was replaced– and that was fine. The issue was that the entire ceiling had just come crashing down.

He left out a minor detail; it was not his ENTIRE ceiling. Yes, a large part of his bedroom closet ceiling was scattered, all atop his perfectly tailored suits, fancy ties, and leather shoes. This happened because the previous technician ignored how he strapped the drain—a new sag formed in the ceiling resulting in a double trap. Let’s also add that he moved the pan switch out of the way and forgot to reinstall it correctly.

**Never cut corners when looking for a reliable HVAC company. The least expensive is not always the deal you want!


  • Drain pitch
  • Location of the float switch
  • Keeping the drains clear
  • Having the pan in the correct position
  • Proper configuration of drains in horizontal applications

4 | Is Your Nightmare a Concerning Smell?

One customer stated she was sitting on the sofa watching a football game. Oddly, her eldest son, who is usually a quiet one, asked his Dad what would happen if the plug is not returned after testing for gas pressure. Dad was quite alarmed, to say the least! Advice… trust your nose and instincts; if you smell gas odors, investigate quickly and leave the house. 

Remedy:  When working on gas appliances, Air Dreamy’s technicians always check connections for leaks and gas passing by the valve while the cycle is off using a combustible gas leak detector. 

5 | Left in Stitches

A homeowner in Great Britain thought it would be a good idea to install an AC unit alone. Quite unfortunately, the homeowner slipped, and his AC unit came crashing down onto his head. The only person helping him was his daughter, holding the bottom of the ladder while he was doing the installation. The homeowner convinced his daughter that everything was fine, and he was able to successfully install his unit. But in the end, he had to make an unnecessary trip to the emergency room for stitches to his head.

Remedy: As mentioned before, calling a professional is always in your best interest. The technicians of Air Dreamy are experts in installing heating and AC for your home. You can avoid doing anything entirely and, in some cases like this guy, prevent a trip to the hospital.

What's that sound in the AC

6 | AC Nightmares Haunting Screech

From time to time, your house can make scary wailing or screeching sounds like those in haunted-house movies. But don’t be spooked; those mysterious sounds are actually coming from your HVAC — your grilles and registers to be more exact. When air breezes through the vants, a screeching sound is made due to how fast the air is moving. 

Remedy: Performance-grade grilles and registers reduce noise issues that drive you crazy — and your local HVAC tech at Trust HVAC can advise you as to the proper vents for your home.

7 | Ghostly Door Nightmares

Has your door creaked open slowly and slammed shut when no one was standing there? Because of the layouts of HVAC systems, this is an incident that many homeowners have experienced before. But this typically happens because of a fan— not a spirit flying by. 

Remedy: An imbalance in pressure can lead to an “airflow competition.” Central return systems with interior door closures can cause slightly open doors to shut simply because the fan in the air-handling is coming on.

8 | An Unfortunate Disappearance

This customer would frequently notice that the air coming from his AC was always dirty and spewing out balls of dust. When an HVAC technician came out to the residents, the first question the tech asked was if he had changed their air filter recently. To that, the homeowner insisted that he had just changed it a few weeks ago.

The technician took his word for it but went inside the home to be sure. Evidently, the homeowner changed the filter, but what he put in was not a filter. It was the outline of a filter! Just cardboard. That, unfortunately, will not help filter out anything in your home.

Remedy: Changing your air filter every 30 days is recommended for your home unit. If you are unsure how to install a filter, please don’t hesitate to call Air Dreamy.

Change the filter as recommended

9 | All Taped Up

A technician was sent out to find that a homeowner attempted a DIY by duct taping every inching of his ductwork. We don’t even know how many rolls of tape he went through. This DIY may have looked like it was sealed and suitable to work, but even though the name is the same, duct tape is no solution for proper sealing.

Remedy: When your ducts are properly sealed, it helps keep energy costs down and your inside air clean. In the end, the job must get done correctly and safely by a professional.

Avoid AC Nightmares this Halloween with Air Dreamy

Be sure the only thing scaring you in your home this Halloween is the decorations. Prevent AC nightmares by contacting us for your home’s heating and cooling system. We look forward to servicing your home for heating and AC.

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