Emergency AC Repair outside
When to Call for Emergency AC Repair

It’s in your best interest not to try to fix these problems yourself unless you have the correct license for it. Experimenting with repairs might only cause more severe issues in the system or, even worse, a hazard.

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Pet Owners and Air COnditioners in comfort sitting on a bed.
Pet Owners and Air Conditioners

The Relationship Between Pet Owners and Air Conditioners We all love our delightful furry friends we call pets. However, most don’t realize how much care and precaution are needed to ensure that both you and your pets live comfortably within your living space. That is why the experts at Air Dreamy have

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Summertime Heat Illnesses
Summertime: Heat Stroke vs. Heat Exhaustion

Heat-related illnesses peak during the hot and humid Florida summertime months. Not knowing the signs, prevention methods, and seriousness of dangerous ailments, like heat exhaustion and heat stroke, can be life-threatening. According to the University of Florida, there were 215 unfortunate deaths caused by environmental heat between 2010 and 2020.

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