Getting Your AC Ready for The Holiday Season

Getting your ac ready for the holiday season

Is Your AC Ready for The Holiday Season?

Everyone knows how hectic the holiday season can get. There are cards to send, gifts to purchase, meals to make, and parties to attend. Not to mention, if you are hosting holiday gatherings, you may have some cleaning to do. Undoubtedly, the tasks can seem endless and overwhelming at times. You may not have even considered getting your AC ready for the holiday season, but you may want to.

Air Dreamy knows just how important it is to prepare for the season ahead. Let us show you how we can help; contact Air Dreamy today!

Ready Your AC for the Holiday Season by Cleaning or Replacing the Filters

If you aren’t getting in your regular maintenance and cleaning, the air filter in your AC unit becomes less effective. Dirty air filters require more energy to run because it is trying to filter through all the dust and debris. This leads to an increase in your electricity bill. 

Also, if your air conditioner filter isn’t regularly cleaned, it can collect dust, bacteria, grime, mold, and mildew. 

These particles can enter your home and compromise the overall air quality. 

Air conditioning units don’t require a ton of maintenance. Still, cleaning or replacing your unit’s air filters is essential monthly. This reduces the likelihood of airborne mold and common allergens through the forced air system. 

Indeed, there are different types of air filters available. Though many are disposable and can’t be cleaned, thanks to new technology, washable air filters are more common these days. This might be the perfect time to upgrade if you’ve always used disposable filters.

Getting your ac ready for the holiday season for Thanksgiving

Make Sure Air Leaks are Sealed

A simple visual inspection can detect air leaks in your home. You will want to inspect both the inside and outside of your home to make sure you identify all air leaks.

When assessing the outside of your home… 

Check the following:

  • Outdoor water faucets 
  • Exterior corners 
  • Where the exterior siding and foundation meet
  • Where siding meets the chimney if you have one

When assessing the inside of your home…

Check these as well:

  • Areas that have gaps or cracks
  • Electrical outlets 
  • Switch plates 
  • Door frames
  • Look at the windows 
  • Attic hatches 
  • Baseboards

When checking the windows, see if they move. If the windows are rattling, air may be escaping. When inspecting things like dryer vents and fans, look for gaps around the pipes and wires. If there are cracked caulking pieces, the air is likely leaking through.

Checking the Insulation

Your HVAC insulation ensures that the air you pump into your home stays inside. There would be no reason to spend money heating or cooling only to escape that air. This is another way to find those pesky air leaks. 

To determine if your insulation is at a sufficient level for your home’s needs, you’ll need a professional to measure its thermal resistance. The “US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that homeowners can save an average of 15 percent on heating and cooling costs (or an average of 11 percent on total energy costs) simply by adding insulation in attics, floors over crawl spaces, and basements.”

Check All Sealing

Sealing drafts coming from your doors, windows, and baseboards with weatherstripping or caulking may seem like a simple task. However, a qualified technician can help you pinpoint and seal other air leaks that are harder to find or reach, especially when it comes to installing insulation or sealing air leaks around fireplace chimneys and water heater vents.

Install A Smart Thermostat to Get Your AC Ready for the Holiday Season

The main attraction of smart thermostats is energy improvement in your home and a decrease in your energy bills. It also makes household HVAC management more convenient by giving you additional control over your heating and cooling.

Seventy-five percent of the US population has a smart thermostat.

Ease of Use

You may recall getting frustrated programming your thermostat’s vacation setting. That frustration is one feeling you won’t experience again with a smart thermostat.

Unlike regular programmable thermostats without Wi-Fi, smart thermostats are easy to set up and program. In addition, they feature modern touch screens and a user-friendly layout.

Remote Access

The smart thermometer app gives you access to your thermostat remotely as long as you are on a device connected to the internet.

You no longer need to run your heating or air conditioning all day. Just set your home at your desired temperature. And get this, you don’t have to turn it on full blast the second you arrive home. BONUS!

Data About Your Homes Energy Use

One of the many advantages of smart thermostats is the amount of data you can get on your energy usage. 

Smart thermostats can provide many reports such as these:

  • The time it takes to heat your house
  • When energy use is the highest
  • Your energy usage over time
  • Your energy usage compared to other users

In addition to past and current energy use over time, many smart thermostats will also make projections for future energy bills. And it will make recommendations on reducing the energy you’ve been using.

Reduce Energy Usage and Costs

Geofencing allows smart thermostats to assist in reducing your HVAC energy bills by automatically adjusting when no one is home. Having the ability to start it up, you come home to a toasty warm house in the wintertime and a refreshingly cool environment in the summer.

Self-learning systems make your HVAC more cost-efficient with even less effort. Learning your habits, like when you’re in the house and when you wake up, creates personalized temperature schedules. This is far more efficient and less wasteful than keeping all rooms in an entire place at the same temperature.

Smart thermostats also move you towards energy-friendly habits. Some settings recommend when to turn down heat or AC. 

HVAC costs comprise up to 60% of a household’s monthly energy bill. 

That is a large chunk of change. And with holidays coming up, you want to save all you can. So, any reduction in energy consumption makes a considerable impact on a home’s expenses.

Getting your ac ready for the holiday season for Christmas

Seasonal Energy

The holidays are a stressful time with increased spending and time off work. Don’t let your home’s HVAC unit be another factor contributing to your stress. Your heating and cooling needs change as the seasons’ change. Become aware of the seasonal tendencies you can use to control your monthly energy costs. 

Make these changes by turning on ceiling fans and using attic and floor fans. Also, adjust your thermostat upon weather changes. These tips will ensure your family is comfortable without wasting energy and money.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Heating System?

It’s been a hot summer here in Florida with outstanding temperatures, but with the arrival of Fall comes relief as cooler temperatures are around the corner! 

So, if you are unsure whether your heater can keep your family comfortable this winter, now would be the perfect time to schedule an inspection and consider an upgrade.

Signs You Need to Check the Heater, too.

Air Dreamy is here to share three common signs that it could be time for an upgrade before the winter season is here.

You notice temperature changes from room to room.

As time passes and the heating system gets older, it often loses the ability to distribute heat evenly throughout the home, creating a noticeable temperature difference. Other factors contributing to this issue are old/damaged ductwork, lack of insulation, or thermostat location.

When it is time to diagnose the issue and keep your home at the perfect level of comfort, it’s best to call in a professional to perform maintenance. They will perform testing to determine if any elements or parts of your heating system need to be repaired.

Your heating system seems too noisy.

New, extra loud, or strange noises indicate that your heater needs a check. Squeaking, rattling, and rumbling are common sounds from friction that happens with worn-out or loose parts and ignition issues. 

Typically, these symptoms mean your heater doesn’t have much longer until a replacement is needed. If an unexpected sound catches your attention, immediately turn off the system and keep it off until a professional arrives to inspect the sound and diagnose the problem. 

When utility and repair bills have started to add up-

It’s essential to keep track of your energy usage and costs from year-to-year spotting when things are out of the ordinary. Considering the weather and other environmental factors, unusual spikes or a gradual increase in your energy bill could indicate that your system is not running as it should.

A Professional Tune-Up to Get Your AC Ready for the Holiday Season

Please reach out to Air Dreamy today so we can help you prepare your home for the holidays. We want you and your guests to feel happy and comfortable, especially during this time of year.

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