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Living with pets brings on more responsibility than simply feeding, walking, and bathing your furry friends. If you’re a seasoned pet owner, this is no surprise. However, for those looking to care for their very first dog or perhaps struggling to keep up with it all, you’ll be happy to know that maintaining your HVAC system is not at all difficult to do.

In fact, all you need are the expert tips and tricks we will discuss in this blog from the pros at Air Dreamy

Why Living with Pets Calls for Consistent HVAC Maintenance

There’s only so much you can do about the shedding and dander from your pets. So, it’s essential to care for your HVAC system in every way you can to provide you and your four-legged family members with comfortable and healthy living conditions. 

Not to mention, correctly caring for your HVAC will save money on energy bills and prolong the unit’s lifespan. 

Use the following seven tips to ensure you are doing your part by keeping up with your HVAC while living with pets.

1 | Regularly Replace Your Air Filter.

When living with pets, it’s essential to change out your HVAC’s air filter. With pet hair and microscopic dander floating around, the filter may need to be changed more often than in a home without furry friends. 

We recommend replacing the air filter using one of the two following methods:

Checking the Filter for Debris: The best way to keep up with the HVAC’s air filter is to inspect it regularly. When the filter becomes discolored, dusty, or clogged with debris, it is certainly time to switch it out for a new one. 

Mark it on Your Calendar: The other effective way to know if your air filter needs replacing is to follow what experts recommend. Those living with pets should change the filter about every 30 – 60 days to have your HVAC running as smoothly as possible.

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2 | Schedule Routine Air Duct Cleanings.

Improve indoor air quality and boost the efficiency of your HVAC system by caring for the ductwork throughout your home. The air ducts are notorious for being the perfect holding place for allergens like mold and dust build-up, as well as piles of pet fur and dander. 

If you are living with pets and have never had your ducts cleared out, this is certainly something you’ll want to do. Not only will it keep your HVAC system healthy, but it can save you money on your utility bills. Plus, the AC can become overworked due to the build-up of debris in the ductwork, and repairs or replacements are more likely to occur.

The bottom line is that if you have pets in your home, you’ll need to have the air ducts serviced regularly. We recommend having a professional team, like Air Dreamy, clear your home’s ductwork about once a year. 

3 | Keep Up with Grooming Your Pets.

For a happy pet and a healthy home, be sure you are grooming your furry friend on a regular basis. Brushing your animal and taking routine trips to the groomers will prevent an unnecessary amount of pet fur from circulating through the HVAC system. 

However, grooming is extremely important for your pet’s well-being, too. When you don’t keep up with your pet’s grooming needs, they can experience issues from discomfort to significant health concerns:

  • Excessive shedding 
  • Skin infections
  • Painfully matted fur
  • Obstructed eyesight
  • Trouble walking and eating

4 | Don’t Let Your Pets Chew at Your HVAC System.

No matter how good of a dog trainer you are, you can expect your little one to get into trouble. You are very aware of the non-stop chewing and potty-training struggles if you’ve raised a puppy. For young animals, chewing is often a way to relieve boredom, satisfy curiosity, and ease separation anxiety. It’s only natural and not easy to prevent without putting in the dedication and patience to break the habit.

When puppies have access to the home’s HVAC system, it can be a recipe for disaster. The last thing you want is for your pup to chew at wires or vital components of the unit. This can be extremely dangerous for your pet and damaging to the HVAC system. 

Prevent your pet from destroying the unit and harming themselves by removing their accessibility. Set up barriers to the HVAC so that even if they are tempted, they can’t get anywhere near the machine.

5 | Maintain a Clean Home Overall While Living with Pets

Part of living with pets is taking on the responsibility of cleaning up after them. In many cases, this means you’ll need to clean the house more often to keep up with the pet fur and dander they leave behind. 

Be sure to vacuum carpets and sweep the floor regularly. We recommend spending some time each week dusting, wiping down surfaces, and vacuuming all around the home to best keep up with excess build-up. Get into all the nooks and crannies by using the vacuum hose attachment and moving furniture around as you go.

Additionally, you’ll want to wash all bedding and puppy blankets every couple of weeks or so. It’s all too easy to forget to keep up with these things. But they are where your pet likely spends much of its time, making their bed and blankets hot spots for dander and hair.

6 | Prevent Your Pup from Damaging the Outdoor HVAC Unit

It’s also important to keep an eye on your pet when allowing them to roam the yard. If you have an outdoor AC unit, you must keep it safe from urine and other damage. It’s all too easy for your pet to be tempted to mark the HVAC unit when exploring the yard. Therefore, you’ll need to prevent this from happening to protect the outdoor system from rust and other complications.

Installing a small fence around the unit can solve this potential problem. After all, no matter how well you watch your pet when they’re outside, it only takes a second for them to lift a leg and ruin your HVAC machine.

7 | Consider Using Specialized Air Filters

If you’re an experienced pet owner, you probably already know of the specialized filters that work to keep pet fur and dander from flowing through the HVAC system. And especially if you have more than one pet in the home, pet-proof filters can work wonders on your indoor air quality.

Next time you head out to the store to buy a replacement air filter, read the labels carefully. Some products may directly advertise compatibility with a pet home. While others will have the allergens they block listed on the packaging. 

These filters are commonly more expensive than other budget-friendly products. But, you will quickly experience the benefits and realize the investment is well worth the price for those living with pets.

A woman with her new pup- Living with Pets Air Dreamy

Routine HVAC Maintenance with Air Dreamy and Living with Pets

The final step to a healthy HVAC system in a home with pets is to schedule routine maintenance with your trusted local professionals. At Air Dreamy, we know the struggles of living with pets and keeping up with your HVAC system. And we are more than happy to help!

One of the easiest ways to keep up with your home’s HVAC system is to have us do it for you. Schedule a general HVAC inspection with Air Dreamy about twice a year – Once before winter and once again before summer. 

We will look for pet fur and dander build-up, check all critical parts of the system, and help you determine if there is anything else you can do to protect your HVAC from the furry friends you share your home with.

And while you’re at it, have your ducts cleaned out, too. Give us a call to be on your way to a happy and healthy home while taking in all the precious moments with your pets.

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