When to Call for Emergency AC Repair

Emergency AC Repair outside

How to Know When You Need Emergency AC Repair

It is too hot in Florida, almost year-round, for your air conditioner to be blowing warm air or simply refusing to turn on. Most of the time, it can be evident that your AC system is broken, but other times the signals can be more subtle and call for an emergency AC repair.

Suppose you smell unusual sulfur odors from your vents, or you turn on your air conditioning unit and hear loud rattling noises. In that case, it’s a good idea to have a professional repair technician come and look. We can quickly and strategically diagnose the issue and provide you with a solution. 

Which AC Problems Should Be Considered Emergencies

A cooling emergency requires a quick response to restore the function of your home’s cooling system. Especially during the hot summer months, a total cooling breakdown can cause an increase in temperature and humidity levels to rise inside. This causes discomfort for all and even risks damage to the items in your home. When a cooling issue comes up in your home, knowing when you should call can give you the peace of mind that comes with taking the proper steps to solve the problem.

This man clearly needs Emergency AC Repair

Some circumstances indicate that you should contact emergency AC services.

Poor/ No Air Flow

An air conditioning system that produces little or no cold air may not be a severe problem during the colder winter months. However, a home with no AC can become dangerously hot during warmer periods, especially if any members of your household are elderly, small children, or otherwise sensitive to excessive heat.

If your air conditioning system looks and sounds like it’s functioning but isn’t producing enough cool air, a simple dirty air filter may cause the problem. Air filters should be cleaned or replaced every few months, and dirty filters can become clogged and prevent adequate airflow.

However, cleaning or exchanging air filters doesn’t always fix the problem. Low or absent cool airflow during the summer months (or prolonged periods of unseasonable heat) should be considered an emergency. You should call an emergency AC repair service as soon as possible to diagnose and repair the issue.

Strong Odors

The cool air produced by a properly functioning air conditioner should not have any noticeable odor. Still, many homeowners complain that their cool air smells musty or moldy. This is usually caused by water accumulation in the drain lines and ducting of your system. Having your system professionally deep-cleaned should fix this problem quickly.

Burning smells can be particularly serious and are often caused by your system becoming dangerously overheated. However, more pungent smells emanating from your air conditioning ducts and vents can be a more serious cause for concern. If you smell burning, deactivate your air conditioning system immediately to prevent fire risk, and call an emergency AC repair service as quickly as possible.

Suppose your home has a natural gas connection. In that case, you’ll want to call emergency repair services if you detect any kind of sulfurous, skunk-like smell coming from your ducts or vents. This odor may be from natural gas leaking into the AC system’s ductwork, which can be extremely dangerous or even deadly. Deactivate your AC, evacuate your home, and contact your utility company for advice.

Unpleasantly sweet, cloying smells can also signify serious problems. Most refrigerant gasses used in air conditioning systems have a distinctively sweet smell, and liquid refrigerant leaks in your system can contaminate your air supply with gaseous refrigerant. These smells should also be considered an AC emergency, as inhaling refrigerants can cause lung damage and allergic reactions.

Electrical Issues

Problems with wiring and other electrical infrastructure can also cause serious problems. If your AC system is not functioning correctly, check the digital readout on your thermostat for an error code. You should also be concerned if your air conditioner only works intermittently or will only operate at certain settings.

Serious electrical issues can cause complete power loss, which is usually from a blank readout on your thermostat. If this occurs, check your home’s fuse box or circuit breakers. Replacing a burnt-out fuse or resetting your circuit breaker switches may be enough to fix the issue. If these measures don’t help, you are probably dealing with more electrical profound problems.

Some electrical problems are relatively benign. But if your AC issues are caused by damaged or poorly installed wiring, continuing to use your AC may lead to electrical fires and severe property damage. If you are encountering electrical issues with your AC system, calling in emergency repair services is usually the safest option.

If you have more questions about air conditioning repair, emergency with your unit, or maintenance, call the experts at Air Dreamy.

This woman clearly needs Emergency AC Repair

Signs You Might Need Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

  • The system produces strange odors while running.
  • The AC blows warm or slightly chilled air.
  • You hear unusual noises when the system is on.
  • The air conditioner won’t turn on.
  • AC is not reaching the thermostat temperature.
  • Water pooling or leaking from the unit

Reasons Your Air Conditioner is Malfunctioning

After you’ve determined your AC is not functioning, it’s important to understand where the issue is coming from. Leaking refrigerants to dirty air filters can lead to a broken air conditioning system. 

Common reasons your AC needs repair:

Dirty Condenser Coils – In outdoor cooling units, the condenser coil removes heat from the air and moves it outside. When coils are covered in dust and dirt, it can block the air passage and prevent the coils from removing the hot air, which causes your unit to work harder. If left unaddressed, this can lead to significant damage in the future.

Low Refrigerant – The refrigerant, also known as coolant, is a chemical used in air conditioning systems that cools the hot air in your home. ACs with low coolant levels can not cool the air as effectively. Leaks are most commonly the primary cause of low levels of refrigerants. Refrigerant leaks are bad for the AC unit and can also be bad for your health.

Problems with the Fan – The standard AC unit has two fans – one fan blows indoor air over the evaporator coils, and the other blows air over the outside condensing coils. Issues such as worn-out belts, faulty motors, and more can cause the fans to stop working. When this happens, it can lead to compressor failure. That’s why it’s essential to get your AC fixed fast.

Emergency AC Repair in progress

Contact A Professional Today

It’s in your best interest not to try to fix these problems yourself unless you have the correct license for it. Experimenting with repairs might only cause more severe issues in the system or, even worse, a hazard.

It is also essential to only hire a certified and licensed technician for any emergency air conditioning repairs. On top of that, make sure to have your AC regularly maintained to prevent any emergency problems. 

Contact Air Dreamy today for your AC emergencies and maintenance. 

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